Tile Work for Bathroom Renovation

Hi Everyone – long time no see. Things have been really busy for me but I finally found some time to sit and write this post. Now that things at my Mom’s husband’s (Bernie’s) condo are winding down I will start to have more time to dedicate to my place. Pop’s house is going on the market soon and all the work there is done for the most part as well. So today I want to show you the tile work in the bathroom at Bernie’s condo – here are some images.

For the tile work Bernie decided to go with these 6 inch by 3 inch subway tiles which (in my opinion) look really nice. The downside is that because they are so darn small, we needed about 660 tiles to do the job – which as you might image, adds up quickly in terms of cost.

That said, I think it turned out really great. In the photos above you can see that we purposefully left out spaces for soap dishes that are to be mounted in that space. This job in particular Bernie went with cement board, special sealer and joint tape, and he felt that it was overkill. Since we, him being a plumber and me being youthfully ignorant, know very little about best practices for laying tile in a bathroom decided to go on the recommendation of the tile professionals at the store. Bernie feels that this was not required and added significant cost and labor to the job without any real benefit. I think when I do my bathroom I will end up using green-board and mastic but will stick with the little tiles.

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