Replaced Backbox and Fixed Hanging Light Switch

Pops is selling his house so we are doing some things here and there to fix it up. One of those things was the hanging electrical switch and conduit that was kinda floating and messed up. The goal was to replace the existing 2-gang backbox with a 3-gang backbox and then replace the existing conduit with BX and put the “floating” switch into the 3rd position in the larger backbox.


  1. Cut Power
  2. Take off face plates and pull out existing switches
  3. Remove switches and pull off connectors in the backbox
  4. Remove all wires and bx/conduit from the existing backbox
  5. Remove backbox
  6. install 2×4 inside existing wall to match the distance
  7. install new 3-gang backbox
  8. put wires and bx connectors back into backbox
  9. reinstall switches
  10. remove floating switch and conduit
  11. run new BX line from new 3-gang backbox to ceiling backbox
  12. connect new switch
  13. button everything back up
  14. power on and test


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