Installed a Recessed Can Light In the Condo Bathroom

Since the bathroom at Bernie’s condo was ripped apart, and since there was only a single light above the bathroom vanity Bernie wanted to add a light in or near the bathtub to brighten it up because who among us enjoys showering in a cave? Exactly. We knew that the ceiling joists ran from the tub to the existing light switch by the vanity so we cut into the drywall. Once inside, we were able to run the fishsticks from one end to another which we used to pull in BX. Once the BX was in we were able to pull 3 wires through it with the fish tape – 1 Hot, 1 Neutral, 1 Ground. We then decided we did not want to have to bore a hole through the wall header so we took a shortcut through the very empty soffit.

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