Kitchen Floor Turned Into Entire Kitchen Remodel

So originally when I bought the house the kitchen floor was raised by like an entire inch and they dropped down the ceiling at least a few feet. I couldn’t in good conscious leave it all messed up which dovetailed into me tearing up the pergo floor to see what was underneath. Needless to say, there were 4 layers of floor and while I was at it I might as well demo everything and do it right. (They did a lot wrong – lazy things like dropping the ceiling instead of hanging new drywall, like adding a soffit and hiding the radiator pipe behind it, and they had a really awkward space by basically putting the kitchen in a narrow hallway). Here is what I found after I said, “screw it” and started demolishing the floor.


  1. Kenneth Rogalski

    Your a young man, remember hard work pays off. When you are done with this project you can sit back and look at what a wonderful job you have completed. I’m proud of you Clif. God bless.

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